I’d like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Ryan Sweeney and I am the new owner and chief editor for SMR Magazine. I have been racing supermoto since 2008 and have grown to love this sport very strongly. I have been fortunate enough to race at Pikes Peak multiple times and most recently went to race the Superbiker Mettet race in Belgium this past October. One thing I notice every time I go and do these big races are that there is no real coverage for them or even our local and national series events. People always ask how the trips were, what did you do to get there, and to tell about all the journey, people, and most importantly the race. This got me thinking about starting up a magazine to not only document my adventures as I race and ride supermoto around the world, but to follow you guys on your adventures too and get those stories out. A lot of you have some amazing stories to tell, and will be making many more of them in the coming years and it would really be unfortunate for those stories to go untold.

Supermoto has been taking great strides the past couple years and I felt it was finally time to get proper coverage back for the United States. This sport is very important to me and I want nothing more than to see it grow and surpass where it was in the early 2000′s. I will be doing everything in my power to make this magazine the best it possibly can be, and would love all of your input or suggestions on the road to making this the very best place to get coverage and news for all things supermoto. Without you this sport would not have gotten to where it is today, and that is why I want this magazine to be all about what YOU want to see and read about.

There will be many changes coming along the way. The website will be getting a major redesign in the coming months, and the magazine will probably be going through many different design changes as well. I really want to make something easy and convenient for everyone. We are working on getting a version going for iOS, Android, and Kindles as well, and even throwing around the idea of doing something a bit more blog style than digital magazine. Let me know what you want to see by emailing me atRyan@SMRmagazine.com or leaving a comment below. Any and all ideas or comments are much appreciated.

I hope you all enjoy what some of your fellow riders and I have put together for you this month!

Ryan Sweeney

Chief Editor