Supermoto Quebec

The 2014 season looks promising for competition Supermoto Quebec. Quebec and elsewhere, for the first round championship will be held in soil American, on the circuit of Oakland Valley Race Park, May 18 then the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, which given the Canadian Champion past two years, Michael Martel, will be honored. Patrice Boulianne organize a race Walleye May 31 and June 1. it will be time to take the road towards Shannonville Ontario. then be the traditional X Supermoto Fest Mécaglisse (Notre-Dame-dela-Thank you). This year's series U.S. East Coast Supermoto and NELM (New England) will present to enjoy the supberetracegerepar Franck Kirchhoff. Difficult to raise the bar even after Mécaglisse . But if the trend continues, the Supermoto pros and Superquad would go running on pi te of World Championship Rallycross , who will stop at Trois- Rivières , during the GP3R , 9 and 10 August. note that Rallycross is a half race cars earth, half asphalt. Organize a race Supermoto and Superquad on a circuit Rallycross car could be a "first" that could "snowball " around the world ! The championship will stop at the Carignan - HGames Eskape , August 23 , and will end at Shannonville September 14 . Other dates may be added , as Autodrome Montmagny where friendly event took place in late summer .In the international section , at least six drivers Quebec have plans to participate in the mythical race Superbiker Mettet in Belgium in early October . These are the first three Canadian Supermoto Championship pro (Michael Martel, Paul Jutras - Rouillard and Fred Coeymans ) and the champion Sylvain Arsenault , accompanied by two other pilots quad . The schedule will be posted on the pageFacebook Supermoto

Results Supermoto Championship and Canadian Superquad Michael Martel and Mikael Lanthier crowned pro Michael Martel and Mikael Lanthier two in common. Their name ( in ch almost) and Canadian Champion Pro for the second consecutive year. Martel Canadian champion two - wheels Supermoto and Lanthier on four - wheels Superquad . For both drivers, the party has not easy and they faced a strong opposition. Michael Martel (Honda Racing Arsene ), the pilot Saguenay -Lac -Saint- Jean , started badly the season, with a puncture in the Tuque and Paul Jutras - Rouillard (KTM / Red & Fred) has it the reply given throughout the season . in third , we find the KTM Coeymans Fred ( Fred & Red / Duroy ) the regularity is rewarded. In the pros drivers who scored championship points , we Note Guillaume Audet, Dave Arnold, Maxime Sylvestre , Johnny Lewis and Guy Giroux . Pro Superquad fifteen drivers scored points . Second behind Mikael Lanthier (Suzuki Twice ) , we find the courageous Eric Girard (Honda) who made all season despite a foot injury. on third place , Sylvain Arsenault ( Arsène Racing) continues to write his legend and collectible trophies . Dany Fiset (Suzuki Fiset ) participated in a few races , but he always been very fast, served by a faithful Suzuki prepared by him (he also prepared that Mikael Lanthier ) . Vincent Gagné complete the top 5, despite a big drop in the final Shannonville .

In SM1 inter Dany Bernier, back, wins Tommy Fortin and Frédéric Bélanger. Dany therefore will pro in 2014. In Superquad Amateur, Stéphane Blanchette wins with a net progress since 2012 to Yannick Roy -Hébert and Patrick Huot , a pilot who won the 12 Hours endurance quad 2012 in the category Iron Man ( solo ) . Twenty- six drivers are classified ! In the Open Amateur class , Robert Masse (KTM Red & Fred ) had much to do against Philippe Landry (Suzuki) , but he eventually won a well played and good level class.

SM 250 , Steve Scharfe (Honda Powersports Mallette Insurance) , Dean 60 wins courageously , while finishing second 35 years and over behind Robert Masse. Steve Scharfe began his athletic career at 18 years in motocross and he wants to demonstrate that supermoto can continue well after Motocross . Message received!