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MVD Racewear Review

ReviewsRyan Sweeney

MVD USAMVD Race Wear is currently one of the few options for supermoto riders in the market for two piece racing suits. They've been operating since 2007 with a focus on making comfortable gear that is equally safe and lightweight. They've claimed that their pants and jacket weigh half of what a normal one piece leather suit weigh, as well as it being able to breathe better to help keep you cool during those hot summer months. Orange suit tucked

The comfortable, less restricting aspect was one of the main reasons I wanted to test out MVD gear myself. I’m not a fan of being confined into a one piece suit, especially on hot days. The MVD gear allows for more flexibility, much like motocross gear, which I find to be more comfortable while I ride.

I received the pants, jersey, gloves, and jacket from Klutch Industries for review. They are currently the only retailer in the USA that stocks MVD gear.

Being a European design, the sizing was a bit snugger. Normally, large motocross pants fit me quite comfortably with just a bit of room. The large in the MVD line is a bit smaller, with the leather being more form fitting. I’m a bit lanky (6’4, 170lbs.), and even in a large, I had a difficult time zipping the pants up all the way and snapping in the two top buttons. The length fit me perfectly, but I would definitely recommend an XL to someone of a similar build as me (waist size 34), especially if you’re planning on wearing knee braces. I would have not been able to get them on in the large pants.

Orange suit back

The pants have double stitched leather in vital spots, where you would fall or slide on and polyester in areas that aren't vital like the crotch or your calves that would get covered by your boots. The combination of the materials help to make the pants light and comfortable to wear. The knees on the pants have a small slit which helps with flexibility (especially while wearing knee braces), and there is Kevlar stitched in for extra protection.

I ran into the same sizing issue with the jacket that I did with the pants. The XL jacket fit me well and would be comfortable to wear as a standalone jacket for street rides. It really does shine once you connect it to the pants. It made the jacket and pants more comfortable to wear as well as adding a bit of extra protection.

Jacket and pants zipped

The jacket consists of mostly leather with some stretchy material in the arm pits to make the jacket more flexible. It’s also perforated everywhere which allows great airflow. There’s hard plastic material in the shoulders and elbows that provide fantastic protection. For any street riders, there are two good sized pockets in the front of the jacket you can use for storage.

The gloves (from a quality standpoint) are fantastic, and are comparable to top manufacturers such as Alpinestars or Sidi. They don’t offer “gauntlet style” gloves, which I know will turn some riders away. When I talked to Marcel of MVD back in October why they don’t make gauntlets I was told the gauntlets “restricted your wrist too much and weren't worth the little in protection you gain.” This is the reason I don’t personally use gauntlet style gloves.

Gloves close-up

At first glance, it’s easy to make the argument that the lack of leather in certain spots on the gear, as well as it being a two piece suit, would raise eyebrows in terms of safety. I had a rough day at the track and went down (more than once) and I can personally vouch for the protection that the gear provided.

Everything held up fantastic, minus the jersey, which ripped up on impact. The pants, jacket, and gloves not only kept together well but left me without any scrapes or road rash. I could see myself being able to use this gear for an extended period of time, making it well worth the investment.

Leather bib for tucking

The MVD gear is a bit pricey, with the full suit costing roughly $1036. The pants and jacket run $439 each and the gloves were $89 for a pair. The jersey is currently on sale at Klutch for $69.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to traditional one piece racing suits without sacrificing protection, I would recommend the MVD gear. The price range is right around the same as a one piece suit so you won’t be finding a deal here. What you will find instead is high quality craftsmanship and a suit that is lighter, more comfortable, and designed with a supermoto rider in mind.