North East Supermoto Round 1

Sunday morning was Round 1 of the North East Supermoto series. It was a very cold and damp day, most of us half asleep from spending a long night saturday at the Supercross race in MetLife stadium. We were all excited to get riding today though, even with all the rain we got the day before and somehow the dirt section was absolutely perfect. A little damp but no puddles at all, it was without a doubt a sign that it was going to be a good day. The race sunday also brought about a nice surprise, Supermoto Quads. Now this was the first time many of us have seen quads in supermoto trim in person and boy did it ever deliver on the awesome. There was even a "kids quad" class with two entrants! When they went out for their first practice all of us lined the fences to watch the quads hit the track. It looked like a ton of fun, and they were putting down some impressive lap times, just as fast as the 450's around this little track.


The open class had a ton of great racing. Aluise Magaton took the holeshot followed by Keith Michaud, Bryan Bastos, Ryan Sweeney and Jason Kliger. Bastos made a mistake on lap 3 in the dirt and went off the berm allowing Sweeney and Kliger to get by and make a charge on Michaud who was in second place. Kliger made the pass on Sweeney and Keith in the dirt for second place. Magaton stayed in the lead the whole race, and positions did not change after Kliger made the pass. Bastos ended up not finishing the race due to clutch issues. Final results: Aluise Magaton first, Jason Kliger second, Keith Michaud third, Ryan Sweeney fourth, and Bryan Bastos fifth.

Open Class


In the pro class Robert Burns took the holeshot with Boyd Brower and Anthony Franco hot on his tail looking for an opportunity to pass.  Burns couldnt hold them off for long and Brower and Franco came in for the pass on turn 5. Franco racing on a borrowed bike couldnt keep up with Brower and positions didnt change much up front. In the back of the pack Joe Pinto was fighting to hold onto 4th but fell mid race and spent the rest of the race trying to catch back up.  The final results: Boyd Brower in first, Anthony Franco second, Robert Burns third, Jay Kliger fourth and Joe Pinto fifth.

OVRP Pro Class