The SoCal Supermoto School


Learn to ride Supermoto with Socal Supermoto!

Brian Murray created Socal Supermoto four years ago with the singular goal of spreading his passion of supermoto. Why? Because its "super fun" he says.

Brian originally started riding in San Francisco because he didn't want to take the bus anymore and grabbed a CB450 for $500. That was his introduction to motorcycling which followed suit in sport bikes and the squid stuff that went with it. After going dirt biking with friends he loved how the bike rode but didn't like riding in the dirt - he tried one of his friends supermoto bikes and had an epiphany: this was the way motorcycling was meant to be.

Well, what's supermoto? According to Brian, supermoto is not a dirt bike with 17's, a supermoto is a motorcycle that is set up to ride 80% on asphalt and 20% on dirt.

The class costs $239 and includes bike, training, track fees, photography and a t-shirt (or hat!) Now the class consists of an introduction to supermoto, basic lines around the track, individual feedback to riders, a review of lines around the track, supermoto body positioning, trail braking, specific turn by turn line instruction, smooth inputs of controls, staying relaxed on the bike, knee down versus leg out and what gears to be on in the track.

SoCal Supermoto also teaches a Sportbike Fundamentals class which teaches performance riding such as getting your knee down and a general instruction to riding canyons and track days better than you did before.

The bike included in all the classes is a Suzuki DRZ400SM - its the perfect training tool, the bikes are super user friendly. They don't punish you when you make mistake and communicate to you what you are doing wrong and they are infamous for their reliability. They're also easy to ride and very fun, you learn how to get on the gas early with a dry, you can pin the throttle out of corners no problem.

How do you sign up for a class? Go to and pick a date on the calendar! The class costs $239 and the requirements are simple - you don't need any dirt or street experience as long as you are comfortable on a motorcycle and Brian will take of the rest for you. Bring a bunch of your friends and the group rate drops to $199 per rider, pick a monday or any date that is not sold out.

Brian has been riding supermoto for the past 14 years and has seen the supermoto scene grow and grow - when he originally started the school everyone told him that he was "out of his mind and that supermoto is dead." Seeing the community now they were dead wrong. Brian currently sees the school as equal as a business and as a club - and is happy with the growth he has seen.