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Top 10 Reasons You Love Supermoto

Top 10Ryan Sweeney


There are probably a million different reasons why people love supermotos. My personal favorite is the camaraderie between racers.....and sliding around on the asphalt. Its a toss up. Suggested by SMR readers, here are the 10 reasons you love supermoto!

10. Wheelies

burns 1

As suggested by our Instagram follower @JoshKorenyi09 wheelies are fun and easy on a supermoto!

"Wheeeelies for dayyysss"

9: Passing Sportbikes in the mountains!


Instagram Follower @stupidmotard's favorite thing about supermoto is

"Passing sport bikes in the mountains"

That is definitely a favorite of mine!

8:  Cheap to Race GCP_SMR_04192014_LakeHavasu_0008Racing is definitely a favorite of mine!

Facebook Folower Zoltan Gyulasi says he loves supermoto because they're cheap to race! "... I love SM because it's cheaper to race than super bike.."

Phillip Markos also agrees: " I just love the adrenaline of racing and the supermoto family just good timez"


7: You Can Street Ride them!



Maybe not the most practical, but easily the most fun!

Suggested by @bryburr (Instagram) "A dirtbike for the street? I think yes."


@yo_its_luke "because what's better than a dirtbike on the road"


6: It allows you to have "hooligan fun" 333790_10150896716855534_1040414976_oLike Bombing around the Lincoln Tunnel during a Hurricane.

Suggested by @ericfoote57

"Because peg dragging,sidewalk riding, wheelie pulling, hooliganism fun."

5: Weird comments from other motorcycle riders 946427_4932338581332_2031272291_nYes because my "dirtbike" tires are bald.

Suggested by @sickunitt (Instagram) "So the other motorcycle riders at work can tell me my dirtbike tires are bald and need to be replaced"

4:  Backing it in

photoLike I said above, this is easily one of my favorites!

Suggested by Anthony Franco

" sliding the motorcycle around on the asphalt is a really cool feeling"

3: Love of Asphalt and Dirt riding


Slicks may not be the best choice of tire in the dirt but man is it ever fun!

Suggested by Anthony Vene (Facebook): "Master the skill at both While switching riding styles on the same track without breaking the bank?! NO BRAINER"


Roger Bare: "Supermoto started as a contest to determine who was the best, the greatest all-round motorcycle racer. AKA the Superbiker! That is what I love about Supermoto. It's the only multiple discipline Motorsport going (short of WRC)"=

2: The culture

IMG_5763There's really no better way to spend the day than with your supermoto family!

Suggested by Tamara Franco (Facebook) "The culture and watching how the different types of riders bring their talent to the sport with different, yet compatible and competitive riding to the sport of supermoto"

1: Reasons Unexplainable


Some of you may think this is a bit of a cop out for the #1 spot, but I do agree. There is just something about this sport that keeps you coming back for more and that feeling isn't often easily described.

Lewis Glenn agrees: "Translated from French (might lose a bit in the exercise): The heart has its reasons that reason cannot explain"

Lewis I think that translated perfectly!