Top 10Ryan Sweeney

Top 10 Pro Supermoto Riders

Top 10Ryan Sweeney

Everyone has their favorite supermoto rider. My personal favorites are Thierry Van Den Bosch and Adrian Chareyre although I am a bit partial being a huge Aprilia fan. We got a ton of great riders suggested and heres your Top 10 Pro Supermoto Riders list! 10. Matt Stewart - Ama National Supermoto

DSC_0958Photo Credit: Tim Weig

Matt Stewart may not be the fastest pro in the series but his dedication to the sport is the reason why there is even an AMA National Supermoto series running right now. Matt not only races but also runs the series and the WAR Supermoto Series.

9. Brandon Curry


Photo Credit: Jason Cavanaugh

Brandon Currie, the 2008 AMA Supermoto Lites champion was a favorite of many. He was on the podium every year from 2005-2009 and took the win in 2008. He finished 3rd in the 450 class in 2009 before the series died out.

8. Cassidy Anderson


Photo Credit: VitalMX

Cassidy Anderson was the 2006  AMA Supermoto Championship winner, riding for team Troy Lee Designs Hot Wheels Honda. He is also the only American to win at the Mettet Superbikers.

7: Dustin Hoffman



Photo Credit: K&N

Entered AMA Supermoto in 2009 and walked away with Third overall. He hasn't been racing much lately but is still a fan favorite.

6. Fred Guerin



Source: MVD Racewear


Fred Guerin was the 2010 and 2011 French S3 champion. Unfortunately last November he was involved in a serious mx crash which left him with a few broken vertebrates and paralyzed legs. He just resurfaced on social media last week, letting everyone know he's starting a recovery program! We're all pulling for you Fred!


5. Sylvain Bidart



Photo Credit: Scorpion Sports



Sylvain has been riding supermoto since 2004 and has racked up quite a few title wins. He has been a strong contender in S1 supermoto the past few years, won the AMA series back in 2009 and even walked away with a podium at the past years Mettet Superbikers race.

4. Ivan Lazzarini


Source: Deviantart

Ivan is touted as the most successful italian supermoto racer. He has won the Italian supermoto championship ten times. He was also the first Italian to win in the S1 supermoto series. He also has won the Supermoto of Nations the past two years in a row and finished fourth overall in the FIM S1 World Championship.

3. Doug Henry


Source: Mx News Feed

Doug Henry is easily one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and was hands down one of the fastest riders. He won the 1998 AMA Motocross series for Yamaha and was inducted into the motorcycle hall of fame in 2005.  Unfortunately in 2007 Doug had a very bad crash during a supermoto race and broke his back. He was paralyzed from the waist down and is working extremely hard toward another recovery.

2. Mauno Hermunen


Source: Derestricted

Mauno is the 2013 World S1 Champion. I've been fortunate enough to watch him race and he is hands down one of, if not the, fastest SM racers out there today. He is currently riding for Team TM and is looking to win the title again in 2014.

1. Sean Butterman



Source: Geocrash Photography

Sean Butterman is your favorite racer! He was chosen due to the overwhelming response we had gotten! He is currently racing in the AMA National Supermoto Series and just won round one in the lites class. This racer has a long and promising future in the AMA Supermoto Series!