NEMM Round 1

nemmlogo3So I can definitely say I was not the best son ever this past mothers day. I may possibly have ditched my Mom and the rest of my family to go racing up in Maine at the Boxshop Speedway for round one of the NEMM Series. My Mom definitely wasn't the most thrilled but understood and I was off to Maine to spend my Sunday having a ton of fun. The NEMM series is by far my favorite series that I'm a part of. Its not the largest, it doesn't have the fastest racers, nor is it the best track (for a big bike anyway), but the whole atmosphere is really worth the price of admission. I really come up there for the people, it's such a fun event to be a part of and really like one massive family. No matter what your skill level is you will without a doubt find someone you can have a good battle with and if you're a beginner just starting out, this track will be perfect to gain some confidence on.

This weekend was a little strange for me. Usually I would head up on Saturday and ride in the afternoon, then spend the night cooking and hanging out by the campfire with everyone. It's always a ton of fun and one of the things I look forward to most. Unfortunately I couldn't leave on Saturday and had to make the four hour trip (one way) up to Maine on Sunday.

I can tell you right now that probably won't be happening again anytime soon. Theres nothing like getting up at 2:30 am after four hours of sleep to make a 4 hour drive. It was rough to say the least. Luckily I wasn't alone, my girlfriend wanted to take the ride with me, for some reason she actually enjoys watching, my friend Sara also came along to race and I brought my dog along too. So needless to say my pickup was packed.

Me and Sara were both just racing Mini's this weekend. She has a worked 150f and I was on the Team Zebra 100, ready to attack the mini classes. There were mostly minis at the track this event, The mothers day race usually has a low turnout for obvious reasons but still enough people to have a great time.

I was entered in the Xr100 Cup and Aircooled which were both combined. We had a total of 4 riders in the class and it was a ton of fun. I finished first in both the heat and main, in large part due to my speed in the dirt. I was the only mini clearing the tabletop and the only rider dumb enough to try and jump the double at the exit. No I did not clear it, not even once. I cased it every single time, but somehow it was still faster than trying to roll it. Painful, but faster.

NEMM's SMX (expert) class had three entries, Aaron Phinney, Jeremey DeGrasse, and John Carvalho. The final was a fun race to watch with Phinney taking the holeshot with Degrasse and Carvalho following. Going into the dirt Carvalho made a pass on Degrasse and it stuck. Phinney was still in the lead, coming into the dirt on the second lap, stalled the bike in the first berm. He couldn't get it started and Carvalho made the pass for first and Degrasse took second. Phinney finally got the bike started with a couple laps left and finished out the race. The final results were Carvalho, DeGrasse and Phinney in third.

Since it was a small turnout NEMM decided to hold an impromptu mini endurance race. We had 4 entrants, each with a team of two riders, the race was to be an hour long. We all got together and decided to do a Le Mans start which was an absolute blast. I wish more races started this way. Unfortunately out of the 4 bikes only two were able to finish. Team Phinney/Degrasse and Team Baker were the only ones finished. I teamed up with Sara on her 150f and unfortunately blew the motor 35 laps in. I lent my bike out to my friends Pete Olivier and John Stone and the chain flew off early in the race, and the rear wheel bearing was destroyed.

Even though we came home with two broken bikes, this was such a fun event and well worth it. If you can only get to one event this year, I would highly suggest a NEMM race as being that one event. You definitely won't be disappointed that you did.