Nathan Church - On Track Wellness

Here is a little about Nathan Church, one of the new authors for SMR Training. He will be providing Fitness and nutrition info for all of you guys! - Ryan
I have been active my entire life but have recently surpassed all the levels I have ever achieved. I have played soccer since I was little, loved motorcycles since I can remember and enjoy anything that keeps me active. I am a 3rd Degree Black belt in Shotokan Karate and a 2nd Degree Black belt in Ju Jitsu. I competed in full contact and other styles for several years. I trained others for over 10 years in Martial Arts and that is part of what has inspired me to help others again. I love trying new sports and being outside as much as possible.

I have always loved all forms of motorcycle racing and especially Supermoto.  I had a goal years ago to find a way to be involved in racing and give back to the sport.  While I do race myself my speed is not yet near the top level guys. With On Track Wellness I can help others improve their stamina, strength and endurance as well as provide top quality and safe products for training, recovery and energy.  We also are a series Sponsor for the WAR Supermoto series.  We want to give back to the sport and help it grow and help racers and athletes in any discipline or sport.
Despite all my activities and training over the years, my recent knowledge along with those who help and train me have me in better shape than ever. I have learned to train smarter and be more mindful of my nutrition and how it makes my body react. I have learned that what works for others does not always translate to me. My wife Amanda is studying sports nutrition and is also an amazing cook! She helps us find ways to eat right that taste amazing also. Our goal is to help others get stronger, improve performance or reach whatever goals they set for themselves.