Mayhem at Myrtle Beach

10368217_10202102238502185_4283151988110826300_nAfter 13 hours of straight through driving I made it to Myrtle Beach, 6:30 Friday morning. It was a miserable drive, all through rain, and it was overcast and just all around gross out in Myrtle Friday morning. After breakfast and heading to the beach for a little while I headed to the track to start getting setup and waiting for my friends to show up in the bus and really get our pit area organized. Plus I had a bit of work to do on my bike before the TT started. The Pit Area when I pulled in on Friday morning

I've never ridden flat track before and honestly I was a little intimidated. I've seen crash video's on youtube and those guys get seriously messed up when they fall. It wasn't something I was looking forward to. Luckily there was a SMEC cup class and the majority of us running in it had never run a flat track or tt style race before, so some of my fears were alleviated; I wasn't going to be racing with a bunch of guys that know what they're doing.

The small Oval we would be racing on

Practice started early afternoon, Johnny understanding the majority of us have never done this before, gave us a ton of tips and gave us a ton of short practices. We did about 6 or 7 practice sessions but 4 laps each, that way Johnny could make sure we weren't destroying our tires and making sure we could be set up correctly before the race at night. I did three practice sessions, before stopping because I was getting dizzy. The track was extremely short and after about three laps I was worse than a bunch of kids on a roundabout.


Once racing started it was pretty amazing watching Jonny Lewis and the other pros all battling it out on their flat track bikes. The racing was so close it was unreal. They were all swapping positions almost every corner, completely sideways fighting to overtake each other. It was nuts, excuse the poor video quality it was a first time trial.

Both my heat and Final race started strong but about 4 laps in I got so dizzy I couldn't concentrate and had to slow down. It sucked alot but I guess thats racing right? Ovals are apparently not my thing. It was a ton of fun though and definitely worth the entry fee, I would probably do it again in a heartbeat. Even if you dont ever get the chance to ride an oval (you should definitely make that happen though) it would be worth heading to the track to check a flat track race out. They are a ton of fun to watch and some of the closest racing I have ever witnessed.


Thanks to Zoli Nemes for the photos!