Riding or racing any type of motorcycle is a lot of fun.  It is also a strain on the body and mind.  In order to be able to ride all day, stay on focus, and not lose speed you need to be fit physically and mentally.  We will be providing some exercises, routines, stretches and nutrition tips for riders.  These tips will allow you to strengthen your body and mind on days you can not ride and prepare you for those days in the saddle twisting the throttle. The Core of Your Strength

Many riders neglect as essential muscle region, the Core.  Female riders naturally have great leg and hip strength which is a large muscle region used in riding.  However, the core is often neglected.  We are not talking about thousands of crunches or sit ups but your entire Core.  The Core is from your below your shoulders to your hips and includes the front and back.  A strong core keeps you off the tank of your sport bike, brace yourself from wind blast, help side to side transitions and maintain proper posture when needed.

The Core can be developed with some basic exercises and without weights using just the body and a few moves.  As strength and power develop weight can be added along with more dynamic exercises.  The following are some routines to build Core strength.  Not only will these help in riding but with a balanced nutrition plan and cardio work a defined stomach and back will result as well.

  • Side Planks – 30 Seconds each side – Do not allow hips to sag down
  • Front Planks – 30 seconds – Keep body level

o   Upgrade with raising alternate hand and leg

  • Mountain Climbers – 30 each leg - Keep arms under shoulders
  • V-Ups – 20 total - Keep legs straight
  • Scissor Kicks – 50 total - Flat on back with legs straight

Repeat this circuit 5 times through.  That will be 500 movements and 5 minutes of planks total.  This gives you a workout that can be done just about anywhere.  Not much space needed.

For a bonus add in at the end some quick sprints.

Do a hard sprint for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest.  Go for 8-10 sprints.

Sprints really help activate your core also and are great for getting the heart rate up.   Sprints can also help get the body definition in your Core along with putting your body in fat burn mode.

Core workouts should be a regular part of your exercise routine along with sprints for cardio.  These can be added in lighter workout days or with total body workouts.  Strong riders make better riders as well as safer riders.  Being fit for that last session, last lap, final moto or few miles home will also help you finish the ride safe.  Our next article will discuss recovery and muscle tension release.