Colorado Supermoto Round 2


Colorado Supermoto round #2 was set-up with yet again perfect weather. 80 degrees and overcast is what the doctor ordered. Anyone who knows Grand Junction knows this is supreme riding weather. With the exception of a few racer tumbles, the riders really tested their abilities and put on quite a show. The dirt section gave them a challenge being half silt and half mud, in turn creating a slippery asphalt track. All great practice and preparation for riders attending Colorado Supermoto's Round #3 at Grand Junction Motor Speedway. The last Grand Junction race of the season will be held that Sunday, June 22nd. Racer turnout is expected to be greater than that of Round #2.

Put on your hat, jump in the car and take a road trip to Grand Junction. Between adrenaline filled racing and tasty wineries right in Grand Junction's back yard, you are guaranteed a good time.

Thanks to Genevieve Kidd from Colorado Supermoto for the article and pictures!