Do What You Love

Do What You Love

What is the best exercise to get in shape for racing? That is a question I often see posted and get asked. Honestly, there are lots of exercises that will help you get fit along with tons of programs. However, if you hate it, have to convince yourself to go or it is not easy to stick with it will not matter what it is. You will easily find a reason to not do it. Why do we ride motorcycles any second we can? Because we love it!! What exercise should you do to get in shape when you can't ride? One you love!

Now, you do need to make sure it is effective and beneficial. I really stress functional fitness and varied workouts to every client. Keeping things fresh helps you avoid burnout. But I also do not tell a client who hates cycling to churn out 100 miles a week. I design workouts with multiple movements or what many refer to as "dynamic" moves with a chain of movements. One example is a squat, curl and then over head press.

If you enjoy moving weights there are lots of combinations and routines I outline. A basic rule is to make sure your workout includes the following:

Squat Curl Press Rotate Lunge Pull

If you hit all those in your routine it will be functional and effective. So grab some weights, hit the pool, run some sprints, play some basketball or pedal the bike. Find what other activities you enjoy and can do when not burning up fuel and tires. When it does not seem like "work" you will enjoy getting the exercise in.

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See you at the track!