Mix it up!

Mix it up!

So we’ve all talked about different ways to get in shape, different ways to train up and even different ways to get started. The biggest changes happen in the first two weeks while our bodies adapt to the new stuff we’re doing. Our bodies go into a mode where they are challenged and then it finds a way to deal with the new work. As was talked about the previous week, we saw that doing the same repetitive motion can cause quite a few issues to our bodies, mainly injuries. Since that was already covered, let’s move to “periodization.” Periodization means doing something for a prescribed amount of time. In fitness there are two types; linear and non-linear. Linear is when you set a goal to train power weights for a complete program. This means focusing solely on power weights for a given amount of time before moving onto endurance training for example. Non-linear, as the name implies means doing a workout not in linear progression but changing modality day by day. For instance, one day endurance, the next day power, the next day rest, followed by strength. Each one of those categories has a different method used to get the desired results.

Sooo with all the lingo behind us, what do we do and where does one see the most benefits? As we learned, doing the same thing over and over will eventually cause injury and ultimately our bodies adapt. Periodized workouts have their place but as we are constant moving riders and athletes, we need to find ways to challenge ourselves, our bodies and mix it up. By doing this, we never give our bodies time to adapt to a routine. Hopefully someone out there said “no wonder why my hour in the gym isn’t showing the same results.” You can do push-press after push-press and plateau. If that is the case, MIX IT UP!

Here is an example of what I did last week:

  • Sun: Ran 6mi with a 25# KB
  • Mon: Agility drills and core body weight exercises using SWORKIT
  • Tues: High rep weights targeting shoulders, triceps, biceps using 25# DB.
  • Wed: Run 3mi at an 8min pace. Core body weight exercises, Low rep weights using much heavier weights. 5reps at 75% Max. This is the power day.
  • Thurs: Agility and Abs
  • Fri: off
  • Sat: High rep weights.

I never workout the same way twice. Neither should you. If you have any questions about your program, want to make a program or just want some ideas on how to do things that have more of an impact, feel free to reach out to either Nate or I. We are always looking to help people as much as possible.

The trick with all this is to not allow your body the time to adapt and adjust. By constantly changing the routine it never actually becomes routine. In fact, most of what I do is for 30mins. I set the timer, hit it and hit it hard and when it beeps, I am done. As I can never remember what I did, it always becomes something different. Your workouts should be like that. Hit a bike for 30mins fast, next day, heavy weights, next day run, next day low weights high reps, next day agility and speed. Try this out for a few weeks and see the difference.