Running Intervals!

This is not about a break down of various intervals on the track although that is important. Reminder this is about fitness to help you on the track so this covers interval training and specifically running. Aside from motorcycles I am a big fan of various other sports. One sport I enjoy is soccer as I played it all my life. Don't stop reading now because of that!

While watching the World Cup and also reviewing studies and reports on interval training I came across a coincidence. Just plain running at one speed gives you improved aerobic conditioning but has its limits. One way to get anaerobic and aerobic conditioning plus improve strength, endurance and muscle development is varying your speed while running.

How does that tie to the World Cup? During games it showed how many miles, well kilometers, they covered. Obviously players do not sprint the whole time. They jog, sprint, jog and walk at times. In addition, you do not see any fat soccer players. My wife pointed how lean and muscular most of them were.

Aside from getting into a game of pick up soccer how can you get some interval running in? Well, I have been doing an interval routine for some of my running. It is Walk/jog/Sprint/Jog/Walk. That has been a routine I use for a two mile run.

Walk for 30 seconds, jog for 30, sprint for 30, jog for another 30 and then walk again for 30. This allows for your heart rate to recover and push you into varying levels of your target heart rate. This is a basic interval drill and will benefit any athlete and especially those who play field sports.

As we have covered in other articles it is important to vary your workouts and routines. This interval drill is one way to break up those runs that can get repetitive. As always, feel free to contact me with questions or discussion.