Check Your Fuel

Check Your Fuel
After every session you check your fuel level. You make sure you have enough for the session and keep a close eye on that expensive race fuel. You would never throw just any pump gas in and if you do not use race fuel you probably only use certain stations. The 2 stroke can is clearly marked cause you would never want that in the wrong bike.

Rewind to the morning on the way to the track. You triple checked to make sure you have all you need. You got your gear, the bike is secure and all you need to do is gas the truck and roll. You had gone over the bike in detail earlier that week. You know all is good to go. However, how much planning went into your cooler?
Too often I see people willing to spend a ton of money on their machines, hours of prep work and maybe even some time in the gym getting ready for riding or racing. However, any snack they can grab from the gas station, a pizza ordered the night before while doing final checks or worse just not eating is the choice for the fuel for the body. Why do so many spend so much time on the machine but skip taking care of the most important machine...the body.
The body needs the right fuel just as much as your bike. Now i will not go into specific diets, plans or the number of carbs versus protein but I am just asking you to take some time and plan for fueling your body as well. Proper hydration, solid sources of fuel for your body and making sure you do eat is essential. Everyone is going to have different preferences and items they like but make note of how you feel. Sometimes being sluggish at the track or feeling tired could be from what you have been fueling your body.
I personally like low fuss, easy to use or make meals at the track. I have my own favorite items that only require a cooler that can keep me going all day. I am happy to discuss that in detail with anyone who has questions. I have tried a lot of different items and still experiment to see how I feel.
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Ride safe and see you at the track!