Feature, Race RecapRyan Sweeney

Mettet Superbikers

Feature, Race RecapRyan Sweeney
Mettet Superbikers

In two weeks and one day, riders from all over the world will be arriving in Mettet Belgium for the worlds largest supermoto race. Unfortunately I will not be attending this year, but lucky for you guys I went last year and I am very familiar with how the event works.

Over the course of the next couple weeks I will give you guys information on the event, how it is run, how it's different from the supermoto races you are all used to running and more! For now here are the current list of USA riders heading over to race against Europe's best!

Johnny Lewis

Gage McAllister

Monte Frank

Brandon Ward

Eric Stump

Micky Dymond

Aaron Phinney

Shane Narbonne

** Updated Riders **

Jeff Ward

I will update that list if I find out more people heading over! Until then head to the gallery to read through my mettet experience last year!