Alta Motors

Alta Motors

BRD Announces a name change to ALTA: Click on for the Press Release and our thoughts on the rebranding!

Offical PR:

TL;DR: BRD wasn’t a great name for the company, and now we have a new one we like more: Alta.

BRD was never a great external name. It had important internal meaning to us but for a lot of reasons, we always communicated it to the outside world as either “a secret” or meaningless. It was awkward:


We don’t want to exaggerate the significance here to the heights of ethereal clouds where Zeus profoundly frolics. The typical rebranding sounds something like, “OMG, our new brand is the most amazing and important thing ever with so much meaning and richness.” But that is the commentary of a pretentious asshole when it really all starts out as just a name. Like Bob. Or Sue.

We’ve found a name that fits us well, will be featured prominently at the top of the column in the yellow pages, and carries a lot of meaning to us: Alta. Alta California was also the name of our territory, sitting on top of Baja California. Alta also means other stuff we really like and it looks right on our bikes. So now we are Alta.

BRD...We mean Alta, has been teasing us with some of the most gorgeous all electric bikes many of us have seen. Unfortunately for the past three years all it has been is a tease, but this week at the AIMexpo BRD has announced a rebranding and that deliveries will be shipping next spring. I know this is great news for many people that have put pre-orders in and for many others like me who can finally see what a true electric SM can do.

Companies like FX have been around and have made SM versions of their bikes, but have left many of us unimpressed. The new Alta Redshift SM looks to remedy any concerns most people have with the electric bikes. They're relatively light, charge fast, and they are very quick bikes. It will be extremely interesting to see how they compare to other bikes on a SM track. These already look like the ultimate commuter bike for many SM riders, and the fact that they are near silent means you can have endless hours of hooligan riding at your favorite spot without worry of the cops showing up!

We here at SMR are looking forward to seeing this bike in action once its released and hope to cover more from this awesome bike! The new Alta is definitely one of our most anticipated bikes of 2015!