Review: Fox COMP 5 Boots

Review: Fox COMP 5 Boots

During the Denver AMA Supermoto National this year I found myself in a dealership with some friends looking to pick up some parts to get our bikes ready to go for race day after having a rough practice session the night before. 

As I was walking around killing time, these bright neon yellow boots are screaming "BUY ME" as I walk past. Anyone reading this that knows me even a little gets why this was happening. I'm kind of a sucker for bright colors. My Aprilia is referred to as the Dayglo Ape and I currently wear bright neon yellow MVD gear. These were the perfect addition to my outfit I thought.

Fox is a fairly trusted company within the moto world. While these were the cheapest boots Fox offers, I convinced myself that there is no way Fox would produce and sell inadequate gear. Even if you go over to their own website to read the description you will find them advertising the COMP 5 as boots that can handle anything you throw at them. That despite their low price, these boots will still keep your feet safe.

"From beginners to professionals, motocross riders demand a lot from their boots – durability to stand up to the challenges of the track, comfort for long hours in the saddle and protection from numerous hazards. The Comp 5 is designed with these obstacles in mind." -The Fox Website

Opening the box at the track I was like a kid at christmas, I just could wait to get them out and put them on. Strapping into them was a breeze and these were some of the most comfortable boots I have worn. Not quite as comfortable as well broken in Sidi's but to me they were pretty damn close. I couldnt have been happier.

Until I got on the track.

On the asphalt they were fine. Nothing of note. Just a comfortable boot. Once you took to the air and started jumping you could see the massive problems with them. After hitting the couple small jumps on the track you could feel a tremendous amount of pressure on your feet from landing. I decided to push on during practice, they were new and all, I thought "lets just ride it out and see if it gets better".

Some of you may know what happened shortly after. I cased the big double in Denver. This happened during the first practice with these boots on, a couple laps into practice. I landed with my feet on the pegs, on the backside of the landing. While I'll admit it was definitely less than ideal, this wasn't anything as crazy as when our friend Masen overshot the same jump seen below.

Masen landed significantly harder than I did and suffered no foot damage. I on the other hand ended up Displacing a bone in my foot, tearing a ligament and a couple small fractures. Personally I'm attributing this to the boots. They flexed so much I may as well have been wearing a sneaker. I truly can not reccomend anyone spending any money on these boots. If someone gives them to you for free do your best to get rid of them. If youre doing any serious level of riding these boots will not protect you. 

They do look damn good though. Its too bad they flex more than a frat boy when he asks you to the gun show.