2014 AMA Supermoto Season is a Wrap

AMA National Supermoto

Do to the best interest of the riders, teams, and the race series, the November to be announced event has been canceled. Congrats to the 2014 chamions, number one plates will be awarded at the AMA banquet in January. The AMA Supermoto staff has already shifted their focus to 2015 and plan to have a six race schedule released within the weeks to come. 2015 will bring new excitement to the AMA Supermoto National Championship, along with the return of already established success of the 2014 season.

SMoN Update

So I know some of you are curious how the their first time on the bike has gone and from what I’ve been informed is that it went well. It took everyone a little while to get used to the Aprilia’s since they ride a bit different than the bikes that everyone is used to but after some laps Gage, Monte and Johnny were all getting used to the bikes and picking up pace. As I get more info I will be sure to share it!

Source XinsideMagazine

Source XinsideMagazine

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SMoN: USA to Ride Aprilia Prototypes

What a wonderful time of year. Mettet has just ended and the Supermoto of Nations are coming up this weekend. This year marks the first time ever that the USA has been represented at the Supermoto of nations and we will be doing it with a bang! Johnny Lewis, Gage Mcallister and Monte Frank are headed to Italy to show the rest of the world the USA is a force to be reckoned with, and they’re doing it with a bit of preproduction italian power. 10471507_541013579332693_5757413596023696232_n Continue reading

Mettet Superbikers: How to Get There!

So I know quite a few of you are excited to see how to get to mettet and how to do it affordably. Luckily I have done this trip before without breaking the bank and would love to see as many of you guys get the opportunity to race there as well!


I’m not going to lie to you guys though. Doing this on a budget, specifically the budget I set for myself and used last year, does not equal a cushy vacation. What it does though is, gets you there, cheaply, so you can experience the largest supermoto event in the world. Continue reading

Mettet Superbikers



In two weeks and one day, riders from all over the world will be arriving in Mettet Belgium for the worlds largest supermoto race. Unfortunately I will not be attending this year, but lucky for you guys I went last year and I am very familiar with how the event works. Continue reading

Spotlight: Boxshop Speedway

Boxshop Speedway the hidden Gem of Supermoto. Though some of you may say that this is quite a bold statement to be made about just a little track in Parsonsfield, Maine; this track is more than meets the eye. I would even go as far as to state that Boxshop has certainly proven itself to be one of the “bigger” tracks in Supermoto.

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