Check Your Fuel

After every session you check your fuel level. You make sure you have enough for the session and keep a close eye on that expensive race fuel. You would never throw just any pump gas in and if you do not use race fuel you probably only use certain stations. The 2 stroke can is clearly marked cause you would never want that in the wrong bike.

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FIM National Supermoto Championship Round 5 Recap

BDMX CoverBDMX CoverRound 5 is in the books after this past weekend at Blue Diamond MX Park in New Castle, Delaware.  This event had one of the coolest backdrops of any track I’ve been to. The pits were set in what seemed to be an abandoned amusement park with guys pitting in between rundown rides and a mini golf course that looked like it hadnt seen any mini golfers in years. It was a very cool place to hold a SM race.The FIM National Supermoto crew (formerly Supermoto East Coast) put on a fantastic event with different activities for spectators and kids. I will also say that this past weekend demonstrated perhaps some of the best racing the series has seen so fat, this year.

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Review: KTM 350 SMR



It’s not every day that you get permission to ride, let alone race, as gorgeous of a bike as Chris Kemp’s KTM 350. This bike is simply one of his many gorgeous KTM’s that have had the full HMC treatment, and it’s the one he so kindly let me ride during June’s Lightning on the Wolf race at USAIR in Shawana, Wisconsin. As some of you may have heard, my bike faced some electrical issues and went down during practice that Friday. Chris was kind enough to let me ride the spare KTM he brought with him, and it lead to easily one of the most fun weekends I’ve had on a bike in a long time. Continue reading

FIM North American Supermoto To send Riders to SM of Nations!


As some of you may have heard Supermoto East Coast will continue as the FIM North American Supermoto Championship. Jay Kliger and Marco Pedde of FIM-NA SM (SMEC) have worked extremely hard to put together a top level Supermoto Series and have thus far succeeded.  They are now associated with the surrounding sanctioning bodies; the American Motorcycle Association (AMA),Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA), Supermoto Quebec and Supermoto Ontario.  Continue reading

Greg Fox of Fox Racing

One random Sunday at work I happened to meet Greg Fox of FOX Racing. Being somewhat awestruck, I asked if he wouldn’t mind if I could ask some questions about FOX and its history, what he remembers from growing up with a family business that is still a family business and has more than survived the changing ways people do business. FOX has created an identity in motorsports, biking and its gear defines a culture. It isn’t every day you get to meet one of the guys who helped contribute to the gear some of us know and love. Continue reading

Mix it up!

So we’ve all talked about different ways to get in shape, different ways to train up and even different ways to get started. The biggest changes happen in the first two weeks while our bodies adapt to the new stuff we’re doing. Our bodies go into a mode where they are challenged and then it finds a way to deal with the new work. As was talked about the previous week, we saw that doing the same repetitive motion can cause quite a few issues to our bodies, mainly injuries. Since that was already covered, let’s move to “periodization.” Continue reading

AMA National Supermoto Heads to Colorado!



Sun Enterprises Partners with AMA Supermoto for Denver National

San Diego, CA (June 24, 2014) – AMA Supermoto and Sun Enterprises announced their partnershp for the “Sun Enterprises AMA Supermoto Denver National”. Established in 1972, Sun Enterprises, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years and is the dominant force in motorcycle and ATV retail in the southwest. The dealership campus occupies two city blocks, some five acres of real estate, and 76,000 square feet of sales and service facility. Thanks to their great customers, they are the number one Authorized Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and KTM dealer in Colorado. Continue reading