Greg Fox of Fox Racing

One random Sunday at work I happened to meet Greg Fox of FOX Racing. Being somewhat awestruck, I asked if he wouldn’t mind if I could ask some questions about FOX and its history, what he remembers from growing up with a family business that is still a family business and has more than survived the changing ways people do business. FOX has created an identity in motorsports, biking and its gear defines a culture. It isn’t every day you get to meet one of the guys who helped contribute to the gear some of us know and love. Continue reading

Mix it up!

So we’ve all talked about different ways to get in shape, different ways to train up and even different ways to get started. The biggest changes happen in the first two weeks while our bodies adapt to the new stuff we’re doing. Our bodies go into a mode where they are challenged and then it finds a way to deal with the new work. As was talked about the previous week, we saw that doing the same repetitive motion can cause quite a few issues to our bodies, mainly injuries. Since that was already covered, let’s move to “periodization.” Continue reading

AMA National Supermoto Heads to Colorado!



Sun Enterprises Partners with AMA Supermoto for Denver National

San Diego, CA (June 24, 2014) – AMA Supermoto and Sun Enterprises announced their partnershp for the “Sun Enterprises AMA Supermoto Denver National”. Established in 1972, Sun Enterprises, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years and is the dominant force in motorcycle and ATV retail in the southwest. The dealership campus occupies two city blocks, some five acres of real estate, and 76,000 square feet of sales and service facility. Thanks to their great customers, they are the number one Authorized Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and KTM dealer in Colorado. Continue reading

Pattern Overload

There are times when repeating the same pattern or motion is beneficial. Spinning a bunch of laps on the same course helps you really learn every corner and work on specific spots. Taking a lot of swings in golf or baseball helps you get muscle memory on the right swing for you. However, there can come a point where you move past muscle memory and start damaging the body. Continue reading


Tune in here on Sunday June 22nd at 1:00 PM EST for Round 3 Of the Supermoto East Coast series! We will be there with Live coverage of the event!

Check back right here Saturday and Sunday to watch the full Live Stream from the Lightning on the Wolf Finals!

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Health and Fitness? There’s an app for that!

Training is one thing in life that we know we must do but sometimes we just have a hard time knowing where to begin, what to do and, probably the hardest, how to stay motivated. We all know there are many groups out there all wanting us to join them or buy their dvd off TV but maybe we aren’t looking or are physically ready for the insane, ripped, cut, obliterated body they show us how to achieve. Maybe we are just looking to start to get in better shape, to find a way to begin and get the ball rolling.

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Why are Kickstands on the Left?


Some of y0u may have always wondered this, or why we all mount our motorcycles from the left side. Well if you have today’s your lucky day! Some people have assumed that theyre on the left because when you rode bicycles the chain and drive were all on the right so they just put it on the opposite side. I’ve even heard that some people think its on the left because motorcycles always have their exhaust on the right (which is not the case). The reason is actually much much cooler.

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Lightning On The Wolf


Theres nothing like driving 19 hours to a race after working all day. I can honestly say I was dreading that drive for two weeks before we left. There were only two of us driving and both of us had to work on Thursday, so I knew we were both going to be pretty exhausted going into it. I got pretty lucky and had my girlfriend stay up with me and keep me from careening into a ditch, which would have been bad, although it seemed like a fantastic way to get out of driving on more than one occasion on that trip. Luckily I kept the bus on the road because when I saw the track for the first time I was in complete awe. Continue reading